Our Mission

The Mission of the Mary E Ober Foundation is the result of significant strategic planning and our desire to have lasting impact on our community and the causes we care about:


Mary E. Ober Foundation desires to build partnerships with organizations that impact lives through loving and respectful relationships.  By proper stewardship and investment of our resources, we assist their leadership in reaching the full potential of service to their clients, thereby meeting the local community’s needs.

We view our role as being more than a grant maker.  The Mary E. Ober Foundation offers its expertise, networks and advocates for organizations that share our values and translate them into the community.  We support leadership and development as key contributors to long-term sustainability, capacity and social impact.

Our Vision

In 7 years, the Mary E. Ober Foundation will be a leader, an advocate, and a champion for inspiring a deeper vision of philanthropy, family, and service in the not-for-profit sector. We will be a catalyst for social impact and have perpetuated a vision of  servant hood that unifies an innovative passion for philanthropy, inspiration and wisdom of the donor and strategic empowerment of organizations serving the public good. Ultimately, we will realize a greater purpose of those we serve and through those we serve.