Mary E Ober Foundation operates on an “RFP Only” policy. We invite organizations to submit proposals for funding, and we do not accept unsolicited requests.  Our general grantmaking process is:

1. Introduction and get to know organization.
2. Invite letter of intent from organization – (Org Inventory Form is used)
3. Request Proposal from organization – (Funding Request form used)

The Funding Request form is used in conjunction with a formal proposal.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to work with existing grantees, MEO Foundation is not accepting any new grantee relationships for the remainder of 2016.

Organizational Inventory

Upon invitation, an organization may complete an Organizational Inventory. This page is password protected.
Organizational Inventory Form

Funding Request

Upon invitation, an organization may complete a funding request. This page is password protected.
Funding Request Form

 Grantee Reporting

After a grant is made, the grantee is responsible for reporting results at the end of the grant term, or quarterly (depending on the grant).
This report can be made with our Grantee Reporting Form.  This page is password protected.
Grantee Reporting Form