Lee Moore Grantees

The Lee Moore Fund operates on an “RFP Only” policy. We may submit proposals for funding by invitation only, and we do not accept unsolicited requests.  Our general grantmaking process is:

1. Organization contacts Lee Moore Fund to make introduction.
2. Org may be invited to submit the Org Inventory Survey Form.
3. Upon review, the Org may be invited to fill submit a proposal via the Funding Request Form. Additional information may be required with the Funding Request Form.

Organizational Inventory

Each organization must complete an Organizational Inventory. This form should be completed once, and updated annually only if there are significant changes.  You may download a copy of the form questions here: Org Inventory Preview

Click here to complete the inventory:  Organizational Inventory Form


Funding Request

Upon invitation, an organization may complete a funding request. This page is password protected.

Funding Request Form